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About Us

Controlling the highest risks. Protecting what is most valuable. Integrating in order to offer complete and innovative solutions together with each client.

We are Fire Solution.

High-Level Experience

With a team with over 30 years of experience, we have an exclusive way to protect lives and goods against high-risk fires. After all, if the risk is high, our level needs to be even higher.

High-Quality Equipment and Professionals

For this reason, we are always in a search for overcoming, technology, training of our employees, premium products, and a close relationship with the clients.

High-Quality Results

This is how we are always prepared to provide control and protection to each client, specific to each situation. True high risk is not counting with a protection up to your standards. Fire Solution. High quality in Fire Control.

High Level of Responsibility

Safety first, to Make this a better world, to Value people, and to always Ensure good results. We are creative and innovative, we love what we do, and we do what is right.

Política de Qualidade

> Oferecer soluções de engenharia de incêndio com alto nível de qualidade e inovação;

> Cumprir com requisitos legais, normas aplicáveis e prazos acordados, para atingir as expectativas das partes interessadas;

> Aumentar o faturamento e resultado operacional, possibilitando a continuidade do investimento em capacitação técnica e desenvolvimento dos colaboradores;

> Contribuir e desenvolver relações comerciais e técnicas fortes com nossos fornecedores e parceiros;

> Melhorar continuamente o Sistema de Gestão de Qualidade.

High-Level Team

In order to achieve a high level of excellence in Fire Control, we begin by the people that constitute Fire Solution. Our professionals need to go beyond the always updated and accurate technical knowledge. Valuing credibility and ethics is essential for all of us at Fire Solution.

• We do not agree with frauds, irregularities, and illegal acts to one’s own benefit or the company’s benefit.

• We do not make any kind of payment or provide any type of benefit with the purpose to get or maintain businesses, or obtain any commercial advantage with any entity, institution, or company.

• We do not offer presents, gifts, or any benefit to obtain advantages in businesses with public officials, clients, and business partners.

Guide of Conduct/Code of Ethics

O que nos mantém seguros no nosso caminho e no compromisso com clientes e a sociedade.


To provide innovative solutions for fire-fighting and fire prevention to the Clients, by identifying their needs and meeting the demands as soon as possible.

Vision We seek excellence in the service by keeping a great relationship with our Clients, Collaborators, and Suppliers. Developing projects and offering products with the best cost-benefit ratio.


Safety first, to Make this a better world, to Value people, and to always Ensure good results. We are creative and innovative, we love what we do, and we do what is right.


Honesty, integrity, and loyalty


Of all human rights


For acts resulting from our activities


And impartiality in the negotiations


Complying with the prevailing laws


Avoiding damages or losses

Principles Adopted

We revive every day our commitment to the clients by promoting consumer rights

Based on the National Policy of Consumer Relations, we meet the principles to promote consumer rights (art. 4, CDC):

Principle of transparency

The supplier must convey to the consumer all information essential for the decision of consuming or not the product or service provided.

Harmony in consumer relations

It is important to seek a balance between the interests of the suppliers, consumers’ needs, and environmental protection to ensure the economic and technological development of the country.

Principle of Vulnerability
There is a conspicuous inequality, a vertical and power relationship between suppliers and consumers.

By establishing a series of rights and advantages for the consumer, the Code of Consumer Protection (CDC) attempts to equalize this position in the contractual relationship.

Principle of objective good faith

The contracting parties shall behave with loyalty, once the consumer relation cannot be seen as opposing interests, but as a cooperation instrument between the parties.

Principle of absolute contractual balance

The contract cannot establish rights to the supplier without providing equal advantages to the consumer.

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