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Abrigos e Armários

Cabinets for hoses or fire extinguishers are essential for maintaining the integrity of the equipment. The Fire Solution Cabinet line is designed following the best quality standards and can be manufactured in carbon steel with electrostatic epoxy paint, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), stainless steel, and polyethylene. They are applied in residential or commercial condominiums, industrial in general, in the oil and gas area, as well as in offshore platforms.

• Steel Sheet Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
• Fiberglass (FRP) Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
• Steel Sheet Hose Cabinet
•Fiberglass (FRP) Hose Cabinet

For more details, please request a product data sheet for our sales team

Projecting Nozzles

Bicos Projetores

Medium or high pressure projecting nozzles are essential for protecting industrial equipment. They are part of the water spray system and can be activated manually or by sensor. Through these nozzles, water is distributed over flames in the form of a shower or cone with uniform density, controlling fires and extinguishing the flames.

 MV Nozzles
 HV Nozzles
 Stream Deflector
 Water Curtain Projector

Bicos Projetores.png

HV-14 High Velocity Nozzle

Bico De Alta Velocidade Tipo HV-14.png

High velocity projectors form part of the water spray system. Used to control and extinguish flammable liquids and gases, with a flash point above 66°C. They discharge conical jets of nebulized water at high velocity and in uniform density, they can extinguish and control fires by the principle of cooling, installed in piping over and/or under the equipment to be protected

MV Nozzle

Bico De Alta Velocidade Tipo HV-14.png

The medium velocity projecting nozzles form part of deluge system, aiming at cooling the burning tank and also neighboring tanks.

They are attached to a ring-shape pipe around the tank, where they produce a water curtain to extinguish fire through the principle of cooling.

Vertical tanks containing combustible or flammable liquids, class I or II, with a storage volume greater than 60 m³ and height greater than 10 m, require the use of a projecting nozzle (IT-25 of São Paulo) as the main cooling system.



Monitors are equipment essential for extinguishing fires requiring flow rate and distance. This is because they can be used in tank parks and fuel transfer areas and work with water or foam. Monitors also come in portable, fixed, self-oscillating, and remote control versions.

 Remote Control

Canhões Monitores

Trucks and Trailers

Trucks and Trailers are equipment part of the fire-fighting system and are very suitable for areas where combustible and flammable liquids are present.  Due to its easy locomotion, they can be used in various risk areas, by using water or foam. They come in different settings, depending on features and size of the place to be protected.

Carretas e Trailers.jpg
Carretas e Trailers

Water Columns (Hydrants)

Colunas de Hidrante.jpg

Fire hydrants are designed for firefighting and other activities and are connected to a water pipe network, thus enabling the use of equipment such as fire hoses, nozzles, and monitors.

Fire Solution designs and manufactures water columns for all kinds of application:

Light, industrial, and Petrobras columns.

Grade: We also sell angle valves for water columns (hydrants) to serve the most diverse pressure classes.

Colunas de Hidrante

Germek Motor Pump Set

Conjunto Motobombas Germek.png

Fire pumps supplied by Germek Equipamentos are designed and manufactured to meet the strict constructive requirements of the national standards NBR-10.897 and NBR-13.714 (firefighter standard), in addition to meet the requirements of NFPA-20, the international reference standard on pump sets used in pumping systems of fire systems, or UL/FM Certified.
We are the exclusive representatives of the Company in the state of São Paulo and we bring to our customers the entire line of equipment and solutions for firefighting or power generation produced by Germek.

Please contact our technical equipment department or visit or for specifications.

Conjunto Motobombas Germek

Manual Spray Nozzles

Esguichos Manuais
Esguichos Manuais.jpg

Nozzles are equipment essential for emergency responders and firefighters when extinguishing fire and ensuring total extinction of the flames. Fire Solution line of manual nozzles is characterized by resistance to damage and static pressures and allows control of the flow and pattern of water jet. They are manufactured for water or foam use, in the diameters of 1 ½ and 2 ½ with quick hitch connection and in several models:

•  Adjustable nozzle
•  Selectable flow nozzle
• Constant flow nozzle
• Self-educting nozzles
• Aerated foam nozzles

Master Stream Nozzle

Esguichos para Canhões

Master Stream Nozzles are integrated with the firefighting system and are used in high risk places where flammable and/or combustible products are constantly handled. They can be used to discharge water, compact jet, or fog and foam without the need for aeration. Fire Solution works with a full line and different options:

• Fixed Flow Nozzle
• Nozzle with Flow Regulation
• Self-educting Nozzle
• 500 or 1000 GPM Fog Hog Nozzle

Esguichos Canhões.jpg

Fire Extinguishers and Trucks

Extintores e Carretas
Extintores e Carretas.png

The agility in fighting a start of a fire is decisive for the success of its extinction. For this reason, portable or wheeled fire extinguishers are essential for protecting your assets.

Fire Solution supplies the entire line of fire extinguishers and trucks according to NBR 15808 and 15809 standards and with INMETRO certification.

Portable Fire Extinguishers – Dry Chemical – BC

Wheeled Fire Extinguishers – Dry Chemical – BC
Portable Fire Extinguishers – Dry Chemical – ABC
Wheeled Fire Extinguishers – Dry Chemical – ABC
Portable Fire Extinguisher – Carbon Dioxide – CO2
Wheeled Fire Extinguisher – Carbon Dioxide – CO2
Portable Fire Extinguisher – Water – 10L
Portable Fire Extinguisher – Mechanical Foam – 10L
Wheeled Fire Extinguisher – Mechanical Foam

Special Fire Extinguishers

Support Hydraulics

Hidráulica de Apoio

The Hydraulic Support Line brings together equipment and solutions that aim to streamline and ensure more efficient procedures for cooling systems and, consequently, in the operations of emergency responders and firefighters. For this, Fire Solution maintains in its line wye valves, water filters, hose reel, flow meter, Pressure Switch, Waste Cone and Eductor suction pump.

• Wye Valves
• Auto Filter
• Hose Reel
• Flow Meter
• Pressure Switch
• Waste Cone
• Eductor Suction Pump

Hidráulica de Apoio

Special Hoses


Fire Solution keeps in its portfolio a line of special hoses for those who need to irrigate crops or moist powder products stored.


Mangueiras Especiais

Fire Hoses

Mangueiras para Incêndio
mangueiras para incendio.jpg

For hydrant system to be effective, it is necessary to choose the correct type of hose to be used. In order to do so, technical, operational, and mainly normative criteria are decisive for this recognition. Fire Solution is prepared to provide this support and offers the complete line of fire hoses approved by ABNT/INMETRO, with 1 ½ ”or 2 ½” diameters, in 15, 20, 25, and 30 meter length.

We also have in our line of hose reel or semi-rigid hoses, manufactured according to the EN-694 standard, with a 1” diameter and 15, 20, and 30 meter length. These hoses can be supplied together with the Tilting Reel, thus facilitating their installation, preservation, and application.

Hose type 1:  Application in Residential Buildings.

Hose type 2: Application in Commercial, Industrial, and Fire Department Buildings.

Hose type 3:  Application in Shipbuilding, Industrial Buildings, and Fire Departments.

Hose type 4: Application in Industrial Buildings and Fire Departments.

Hose type 5:  Application in Industrial Buildings and Petrochemical Area.

Hose reel or semi-rigid hose: Application in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings.

Note: Please contact our technical or sales department for more information or request a product data sheet

Sprinklers e Alarm Check Valves

Sprinklers e Valvulas de Governo.png

Sprinklers and Alarm Check Valves (ACVs) are equipment essential in firefighting and prevention projects. They are integral parts of a cooling system without the need for human activation that can be applied in places such as shopping malls, buildings, industries, and warehouses. Fire Solution sells the most varied models of sprinkler nozzles and alarm check valves that will meet the needs of your enterprise.

Sprinklers e Válvulas de Governo

Supressão por Aerossol | Stat-X

Stat_X Aerosol.jpg

Os aerossóis são uma nova alternativa eficaz à tradicional proteção especial contra incêndios. A supressão de incêndio Stat-X é atualmente usada em todo o mundo em muitas aplicações críticas. Deve ser considerada ao avaliar o uso de substitutos de halon, CO2, gás inerte, pó químico seco ou névoa de água além de ser uma alternativa aprovada para substituição de halon e hidrofluorcarbono (HFC).

Supressão por Aerosol

Unidades Térmicas/Manuais

Os geradores térmicos/manuais de sistema fixo Stat-X são unidades autônomas que incorporam seu próprio mecanismo de detecção patenteado, eliminando a necessidade de controles separados de detecção e liberação. Adequado para uma ampla gama de aplicações em gabinetes menores. Eles estão disponíveis em tamanhos que variam de 30 gramas até 1000 gramas.

Stat_X Fixed Systems Thermal.png

Stat-X Sistemas Térmicos / Manual

Stat_X Fire Suppression System.jpg

Unidades Térmicas

Os geradores térmicos de sistema fixo Stat-X são unidades autônomas que incorporam seu próprio mecanismo de detecção patenteado, eliminando a necessidade de controles separados de detecção e liberação. Adequado para uma ampla gama de aplicações em gabinetes menores. Eles estão disponíveis em tamanhos que variam de 30 gramas até 1000 gramas.

Stat-X Sistemas Fixos Térmicos

Stat_X Eketrical EX Fixed Systems.jpg

Unidades Elétricas para Áreas Classificadas como Perigosas

Classe I, Divisão 2, ATEX e IECEx para atmosferas com gases potencialmente explosivos Com nosso certificado UL Classe I, Divisão 2, ATEX e certificado IECEx da UL, Stat-X® EX electric.

Stat-X Sistemas Fixos Elétricos / Perigosos

Stat_X Fixed System.png

Stat-X Sistemas Fixos Elétricos / Comuns

Unidades Elétricas para Locais Comuns

Os sistemas fixos elétricos Stat-X são acionados eletricamente e variam em tamanho de unidades contendo 30 gramas (cobrindo até 0,5 m3) até 2500 gramas (cobrindo até 40 m3). Essas unidades são normalmente ligadas a sistemas convencionais de detecção de incêndio e painel de liberação.

Fire Hydrant Valves and Accessories

Válvulas para Hidrantes e Acessórios

Angle valves are designed to be applied to water columns (hydrants) columns to control fire hose lines. They come in brass or bronze, 45 ° or 90 °, with a 2 ½” diameter, and working pressures ranging from 200 to 300 PSI. We also have an extensive line of special accessories for fire hydrants that guarantee easy handling, resulting in faster and safer operation. They include adapters, reductions, plugs, keys, etc…

Hydraulic Valves (Bermad)

Válvulas Hidráulicas (Bermad)

Through the most solid partnership with Bermad Brasil, Fire Solution provides the market with the most complete line of hydraulic valves and accessories for deluge systems.

In case of doubts, please contact our technical product department or visit for any specifications.

Válvulas Hidráulicas (Bermad).jpg


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